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Conmed System 7500 Electrosurgical Unit

Conmed System 7500 Electrosurgical Unit
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Advances in surgical technology allow physicians to bring the art of surgery to new levels. Argon Beam Coagulation leverages the power of electrosurgery with new energy-delivery technology to create rapid hemostasis and significant reductions in blood loss and OR time. The sparking you see when using standard electrosurgery is the result of a voltage differential between the patient and active electrode. As high frequency energy arcs through the air it denatures tissues but also creates thermal artifacts of up to 210 degrees C.

Like standard electrosurgery, ABC also delivers energy to the target tissues but instead of arcing through the air the energy ionizes a column of Argon gas directed at the tissues.

This energy delivery technology produces significant clinical advances.

1. The moving column of Argon moves any pooled blood off of the bleeding tissues to allow coagulation to take place directly on the tissue surface.

2. It reduces the likelihood of creating an eschar cap which may float

3. The resulting coagulation, then, is more secure and less prone to result in complications later on.

By using room temperature Argon to convey the therapeutic energy to the tissues, you significantly reduce the thermal artifact created by the coagulation.

The results are:

• Extremely rapid hemostasis

• A thin, pliable, layer of coagulation, that is

• Securely anchored to the target tissues, with minimal thermal damage to the adjacent tissues.

The System 7500 also delivers the latest advances in ABC technology delivery. The proprietary - Smart Sense Intelligence System built into the Endo mode detects probes with smaller diameters and instantly adjusts gas and power levels to provide optimal performance.

• Smart Sense also monitors the Argon gas flow and will instantly shut down the gas flow when it detects an occlusion or will reduce the gas/power levels when it detects a partial occlusion in the Automatic Mode. This is a major advancement in eliminating the risks of introducing a gas embolism.

No other Argon System provides the benefits of the Smart Sense system.

• CONMED also provides the widest range of open and laparoscopic hand pieces to meet your surgical requirements. Hand pieces are provided in both hand and foot switching configurations.

• ABC is a powerful technology that can help you to save lives, provide better clinical results and create significant savings of blood, time and supplies for your institutions.

The System 7500 Now Offers the New ENDO Mode This is a major advance in ABC control and safety.

The new Endo Mode will:

• Default to it's predetermined "Safety Mode"

• Limit gas flow to 4 SLPM

• Allows low Ar Flow and Low Power (0.1 SLPM & 1.0 Watt)

• Sense small diameter probes (GI and other Niche Probes)