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Graseby Medical Model MS26 Palliative Care Syringe Driver

Graseby Medical Model MS26 Palliative Care Syringe Driver
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The MS26 syringe driver is a popular, cost effective, and reliable device for low volume slow infusion of subcutaneous or IV infusions. This syringe driver is used throughout the world for the infusion of analgesics in the terminally ill patient. It is the most cost-effective syringe pump for this procedure using inexpensive syringes and subcutaneous infusion sets. The benefits to your organization are as follows:

-Low initial investing -- very cost effective for purchase or rental. One-third the cost of competitive ambulatory pumps.

-Inexpensive disposables -- uses standard syringes and subcutaneous or IV infusion sets.

-Easy to use -- load syringe, set rate and push start.

-Ambulatory -- the small sizer of the device makes it easy to carry and conceal under clothes.

-Reliable and simple -- over 50,000 in use.


- Economical - Easy to Use - Ambulatory - Versatile - Suitable for many infusion routes - Accurate

Features and Benefits

Easy to use:

- only three controls: Start/Bolus Button & two dials for rate setting - no "off" switch: eliminates accidental system shutdown - unit automatically turns off at end of plunger run

Economical to operate:

- low initial investment - very low running costs simple replacement of 9 volt batteries - uses standard, disposable syringes - virtually maintenance free


- only weighs 6 ounces with battery and shoulder (or belt) holster


- accepts a wide range of syringe sizes: 2 35 mls - optional driver base provides secure, bedside mounting - can be comfortably worn with shoulder or belt holster - Suitable for many infusion routes


- has a drive accuracy of +/- 5%



- syringe is held securely by built-in barrel holder - optional clamp prevents accidental plunger movements - recessed rate dials prevent accidental altering of settings - sealed case restricts ingress of liquids

  • Specifications
  • - Infusion period range: 12 Hours 60 Days
  • - Speed range: Variable setting 0-99mm/hr
  • - Dimensions: 165mm x 23mm x 53mm (6.5 x 0.9 x 2.1 inches)
  • - Weight: Approx. 6.5 oz including battery
  • - Battery type: 9v alkaline
  • - Battery life: 50 full syringes
  • - Controls: Start/ bolus button; two rate setting dials
  • Alarms
  • End of travel audible; pump stops
  • Occlusion audible; pump stops
  • Low battery visible; light stops flashing