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Burton AIM-100 - Single, double

Burton AIM-100 Surgical Lights
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Providing both amazing value and unparalleled aesthetics, Burton's AIM-100TM also boasts limitless rotation on ceiling mounts (a feature previously available only on O.R. type lights). Along with the highest intensity in its class, the AIM-100TM provides very smooth focus and superior maneuverability. A longer arm system ensures that the AIM-100TM can be positioned in the widest range of positions possible.

The Burton AIM is ideal for variety of settings and practices such as: trauma centers, emergency rooms, ambulatory surgery centers, intensive care units, clinics, plastic surgery, dermatology, and ophthalmology.

- 14,800 Footcandles (160,000 lux) at 24".

- 5800 Footcandles (63,000 lux) at 1 meter.

- 3700°K Color Temperature offers natural and true coloring.

- Uses three 35-watt quartz halogen bulbs. 2000-hour bulb life. Wired in parallel for continuous operation.

- Compact 20" (51cm) diameter lighthead.

- Extremely smooth focus mechanism with center sterilizable handle.

- 360° limitless arm and mounting system rotation around vertical axes (on single ceiling models).

- Cool operation for long hours of use.

- High Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97.

- 120 Volt Standard. 100/240 volt models available.

- UL 60601-1 / 60601-2-41 Certified.

Dual A100DC

Burton AIM Dual A100DC Lights

A perfect combination of highest-in-class intensity (65,000 lux at 1 meter), 360° limitless rotation, compact size and unparalleled aesthetics makes the AIM-100® the right light for minor surgery.