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Amsco 2080M OR Table

Amsco 2080M OR Table
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Available Refurbished

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Movements Include:

* +/- Trendelenberg

* +/- Height(raise/lower)

* +/- Back(raise/lower)

* +/- Tilt (lateral)

* +/- Flex (V and inverted V))

* +/- Foot (raise/lower)

- Dependable Manual Operation

- 350 LB Weight Capacity

- Mechanical Floor Locks

- North American Side Rails Fit Most Accessories

- IA Option for C-Arm Capabilities Available

- Refurbished

Base: Cast iron with textured enamel finish. The top is enclosed by a welded, stainless-steel cover that also forms a shroud for the lower portion of the pedestal. A swivel caster and height-adjustable floor lock at each corner are actuated by a single pedal. Both are electrically conductive, conforming with applicable requirements of NFPA's publication, Flammable Anesthetics Code. The base provides comfortable toe space on both sides as well as space to freely insert a flat-blade Mayo stand. The base also contains the hydraulic system. A NFPA-approved patient grounding receptacle is provided at foot-end of base.

Pedestal: Includes tabletop lift cylinder and support column with bearing-mounted saddle frame. These are fully enclosed by stainless-steel, telescoping shrouds. Each shroud is one-piece construction to ensure against foreign matter entering the elevating mechanism.

Superstructure: Includes bearing-mounted gears for positioning and articulating the tabletop. The frame is cast aluminum finished with textured enamel paint. The superstructure is bearing-mounted to the elevating mechanism. Indicators show degree of lateral tilt and Trendelenburg. Positioning mechanisms are fully enclosed by stainless-steel covers to prevent enmeshment of drapes.

Tabletop: The 20-inch (508-mm) wide tabletop is divided into four hinged sections: head, back, seat, foot. Each section is cast aluminum (back, seat, and foot sections are covered by stainless-steel veneer). Drilled holes are included for the optional radiographic top. Stainless-steel side rails, notched to receive optional accessories, extend the full length. Mounting hardware and a full complement of optional accessories are available.