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Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound Machine

Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound System
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The ACUSON Sequoiaultrasound system provides the ultimate in clinical imaging and applications across your ultrasound specialties.

The Sequoia system provides superior imaging for every patient, with Native patient specific imaging. With our new addition of Advanced SieClear spatial compounding breast and small parts imaging is elevated to unparalleled performance.

Native TEQ ultrasound technology ensures consistent image quality while reducing operator workload.

The new ergonomic Articulating Arm and Flat Panel Display reduces glare in all working environments, enhances operator comfort and folds down for easier system transport.

The Sequoia system's legendary upgradeability and longevity ensures that your investment is protected for years to come.

A comprehensive approach to stress-free scanning.

- New Articulating Arm and Flat Panel Display - Increase operator comfort and reduce repetitive strain with a new ergonomic articulating arm. The flat panel display provides enhanced visualization in all lighting conditions and folds down for easy transport. - Streamlined workflow, from acquisition to archive.

Embedded DICOM

Advances workflow by easily integrating patient data into both local and hospital-wide networks.

- Native TEQ ultrasound technology - Reduces exam time and increases clinical efficiency by providing hands-free, control-free patient specific image optimization.

Onboard CD/DVD Drive

Allows far more image data to be stored on a single disc, making recording, archiving and retrieving images more efficient than ever before.

Hanafy Lens transducer technology

Excellent imaging is achieved by creating a narrow, uniform slice thickness, enhancing performance in all imaging modes.

Native patient specific imaging

Measures and responds to each patient's unique acoustic properties. Optimizes diagnostic outcome and enhances workflow delivering uniformly high image quality, even in technically difficult to image patients.

Native TEQ ultrasound technology

Uses Native patient specific imaging to adjust both axial and lateral gain before the image is formed to equalize tissue brightness throughout the field of view for uniform image presentation.

Advanced SieClear spatial compounding

Utilizes multiple lines of sight for dramatically improved contrast resolution, speckle reduction and border detection for high-frequency, high-resolution superficial imaging.

MultiHertz multiple frequency imaging technology

Provides independent frequency selection by eliminating the need to change transducers mid-exam resulting in reduced exam time.