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GE MAC 5 Resting ECG

GE MAC 5 Resting ECG
GE MAC 5 Resting ECG
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Streamline your ECG workflow
With the MAC 5 you can complete a high-quality exam in just a few clicks and send the results anywhere, quickly and securely. All with minimal training or support.


Everything about the MAC 5 experience is designed to keep you moving forward and keep the focus on patient care.

  • • ECG in up to 31% fewer steps
  • • 85% of users agree that they need minimal training
  • • Send the results anywhere online, quickly and securely
  • • Accommodate your workflow with ease

Enhanced Hookup Advisor – Even the newest user can be guided to a clean, high-quality waveform in seconds.

8.9-inch touchscreen – We’ve refined this intuitive platform for ease of use based on thousands of hours of customer testing.

Built-in PDF/XML export support – In just a few clicks, send data in your preferred format to a shared folder or SFTP destination of your choice.

Bidirectional HL7 and DICOM communication – Connect to your systems with confidence via our MUSE™ cardiology information system or your EMR/DICOM gateway.

Easy-clean design – Wipe down the smooth surfaced screen in seconds to meet your infection control standards.

Optimal mobility – MAC 5's convenient carry handle and compact design make it easy to move around your facility and between locations.

Choice of configuration with or without a printer – The MAC 5 works the way you work.


ECG professionals of any skill level can acquire accurate, detailed clinical data to support effective patient care, thanks to MAC 5's proven acquisition architecture and tools.

  • • Quickly acquire accurate ECGs
  • • Help make critical diagnoses
  • • Provides exceptional clinically validated decision support

Auto-ECG algorithm – Immediately capture and display the first clean, high-quality ECG.

Smart Lead technology – Automatically detect when a lead has become disconnected.

Over 200 scientific references – Marquette 12SL has been validated extensively against clinically-correlated databases for accuracy.

Gender and pediatric-specific interpretations – 12SL has been shown to provide a 25% relative improvement in detection of Acute Inferior MI in women under 60 years of age.

Full Disclosure – Accelerate reading and review with a condensed full-disclosure rhythm report capable of reducing 30 pages to three.

Advanced algorithms – Handle more complex patient cases through access to algorithms such as Critical Values and Acute Coronary Syndrome Analysis.


Gain peace of mind about patient privacy and data protection with GE Healthcare's ECG security architecture. Security is at the heart of every solution we develop.

  • • Seamlessly connected
  • • Continuously protected
  • • We take a holistic approach to safeguarding data

Minimize vulnerabilities – Providing only the hardware and software needed for optimal ECG workflow, MAC 5 reduces risks by eliminating pathways for breaches or attacks.

Control access – Role-based LDAP user authentication, patient data encryption and secure network connections help ensure MAC 5 interacts only with trusted people and systems.

Mind the unique challenges of medical devices – We employ a team of experts specialized in medical device cybersecurity.

Stay on top of emerging threats – The GE Healthcare cybersecurity team is constantly monitoring for threats and developing security enhancements for our customers.

High-definition pacemaker detection
Identifies artificial pacing not visible on ECG waveform.

Critical values are highlighted
ECG reports helping clinicians quickly respond to urgent patient needs.

Connect easily
Bidirectional HL7 and DICOM communication

Constant threat monitoring for developing security enhancements.

Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) Recognition
Recognition using conventional LVH criteria and identifying which was positive.

Send results anywhere online, quickly and securely

Security logging
MAC 5 monitors and records useful security-related activities including user logins and network connections.