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Surgical Scrub Sinks

A high-quality surgical scrub sink is a must have for patient safety in any hospital or ambulatory surgical center. At Physician's Resource, we offer a full line of hands-free surgical sinks manufactured by MAC and Blickman. Our selection of surgical scrub sinks come in various sizes to meet the specific spacing needs of your operating room or surgical suite. This includes MAC SS Single Station Scrub Sinks, MAC SS Double Station Scrub Sinks and MAC SS Tripe Station Scrub Sinks. We also stock wall mount Blickman Windsor Scrub Sinks with infrared controls, as well as a model with knee control. Our stainless-steel surgical scrub sinks are widely used in hospitals, surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities where hygiene is critical to patient welfare. To learn more or to purchase a surgical scrub sink, call Physician's Resource.