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Conmed System 7550 Electrosurgical Unit

Conmed System 7550 Electrosurgical Unit
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The Conmed System 7550 with ABC® Technology allows physicians to bring the art of surgery to new levels. By utilizing this full-powered electrosurgical generator featuring argon beam coagulation, surgeons are able to achieve rapid hemostasis resulting in:

• Reduced blood loss

• Reduced surgical time

• Reduced surgical plume

Surgeons also benefit from the System 7550™'s state-of-the-art technology including:

• Remote power control

• Pulse cut

• Programmable specialty modes

• Patient safety precautionary features

• Clinical results

Because of its powerful capabilities, surgeons prefer this electrosurgical generator in a number of procedures including open, laparoscopy, and gastroenterology.

ABC Specialty Modes Optimize and Simplify the use of ABC

AUTO Mode – On-Board Intelligence optimizes Power and Gas Flow integration. Auto Mode makes it fast and effective to vary power and gas integration during open procedures

ENDO Mode – On-Board Intelligence optimizes the system for Laparoscopic and GI applications. ENDO Mode senses specialty probes and optimizes the system performance for laparoscopy and GI applications

MANUAL Mode – Allows the surgeon to achieve unique performance and therapeutic effects. The MANUAL Mode is for cutting edge users who want to bypass system software to achieve unique levels of performance and hemostasis.

CONMED® Smart Sense™ System

• Senses small diameter probes and optimizes Power and Gas Flow Integration

• Senses partial occlusions and adjusts gas/power settings to safe levels, and

• Senses total occlusions, in the Automatic Mode, and instantly shuts down the system to prevent dangerous patient conditions.

The System 7500® ABC is the only electrosurgical generator needed in the OR.

• Dissection is facilitated with Pure CUT and 9 increasing levels of dissection with increasing hemostasis.

• Powerful COAG performance is available in either Pin Point or Spray Modes.

• And the Bipolar on the System 7500® rivals the bipolar performance of any Bipolar unit available. AUTO, ENDO and MANUAL ABC® Modes