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EKG Machines

As a leading retailer of cardiology equipment, we know that EKG machines are vital in any cardiology practice, surgical center or medical setting. There are many models from which to choose and many considerations when looking to purchase an EKG/ECG machine.

Here are a few things that will determine which EKG machine is best for you:

  • Interpretive EKG machines Non-interpretive EKG machines
  • Live preview ECG or EKG display. This will allow you to view results before they print out
  • EKG daily usage needs
  • Size of EKG print out preferred. Some print full size, while other EKGs print half sheet or abbreviated
  • EKG portability and size needs
  • EKG cart vs. table top preference

Contact a Physician's Resource representative today to learn more.

Physician's Resource sells a large selection of top EKG models and brands, both new and refurbished. We have EKG machines to fit any clinic, medical center or hospital need. Some of our EKG machine options include the GE CardioSoft PC Based EKG and MAC 5000/5500 EKG machines.

Purchase and EKG Machine/ECG Machine

Confused about which EKG/ECG machine is best for you? Our EKG machine specialists can answer all of your questions and help suggest a machine based on your needs. We may recommend a new EKG machine, demo EKG machine or even refurbished EKG machine based on your preferences.

Contact Physician's Resource now to purchase an EKG machine or to speak to one of our EKG machine representatives. Need your EKG/ECG machine serviced? Our biomedical equipment service team can assist you with EKG machine repair or maintenance services as well. It's our goal to ensure your EKG machine is in top working order.