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GE CardioDay Software

GE CardioDay Software
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The CardioDay software offers measurement, zoom and analysis options, including quick re-analysis of the ECG with modified parameters, the analysis of ST measurements, PQ or QT time, RR variability in both the time and frequency domains, as well as pacemaker functionality.

A pacemaker measurement system built into the recorder differentiates between atrial and ventricular stimulation and thus allows an efficient check of pacemaker behavior.

Our in-house product development team can accommodate individual application needs, for example, software for analyzing esophagus ECGs.

The ECGs transferred to the PC are separated into classes of similar QRS morphology and evaluated using special algorithms. An entire class can be edited with only two mouse clicks. The software scans the results according to these classes and displays them in the order of their significance. All results are sorted hierarchically, within each event class, the most important event is shown first.

The CardioDay software simplifies data evaluation. Every diagnostically relevant event can be quickly and easily viewed and edited in the event overview. The results can be displayed either in the order of severity or chronologically.

CardioSoft standalone modules

CardioSoft transforms your PC into a system capable of acquiring resting ECG, exercise stress, ambulatory blood pressure and spirometry. With front-end devices, this software provides the same quality data you have come to expect from GE. You can connect the system to a printer or simply store data in the CardioSoft central database. With CardioSoft, you can enhance your data-acquisition capabilities.

CardioSoft network environment

CardioSoft networking enables you to align CardioSoft workstations on a Local Area Network (LAN), allowing you to store all patient data and test results in CardioSoft's central database via the server. Networking also allows you to add additional workstations for data review and editing, reserving your acquisition system for testing. Remote view allows clinicians to view real-time stress data from a PC anywhere on the LAN. CardioSoft networking combines power and versatility to meet your growing needs.

CardioSoft Web

CardioSoft Web allows you to retrieve all stored tests via the Internet for display on any PC.