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GE CASE Stress System
GE CASE Stress System

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Zoll AED PRO Defibrillator
Zoll AED PRO Defibrillator

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Philips HeartStart XL M4735A Defibrillator
Philips HeartStart XL M4735A Defibrillator

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The Physician's Resource for Medical Equipment, Inc. provides premium EKG Machines, Patient Monitoring, Stress Test Systems, Defibrillators, Electrosurgical Units, Anesthesia Machines, Endoscopy Equipment, OR Lights and OR Tables are a few items that you'll find in our equipment inventory.
Physician's Resource offers quality, new and refurbished cardiology equipment and surgical equipment to customers in all corners of the world.
Physician's Resource is a distributor of GE Medical, Criticare Systems, Corometrics, Nellcor, Zoll, Mindray, MAC Medical, Blickman, Morgan Medesign, Medtronic, Physio Control, Burdick, Quinton, Cardiac Science, Burton, Tuttnauer and more.

We specialize in premium Cardiology, Surgical & Imaging Equipment and Supplies.
Our product line includes a wide variety of durable and disposable products.

The Physician's Resource Inc.
has been serving the healthcare market since 1994.
GSA Contractor

GSA Contractor

Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator
Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator

The Zoll AED Plus features Real CPR Help , a tool that is able to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback to help you do it well with audio and visual ...

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GE CASE Stress System
GE CASE Stress System

The GE Marquette CASE Stress System meets the unique performance and productivity requirements of your facility with innovative exercise testing solutions. ...

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GE Dinamap Carescape V100 Patient Monitor
GE Dinamap Carescape V100 Patient Monitor

By combining fast determination times with an advanced algorithm, the GE Dinamap Carescape v100 Patient Monitor helps ensure patient comfort while maintaining a high standard ...

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