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Acuson CV70 Vascular Ultrasound

Acuson CV70 Vascular Ultrasound
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The ACUSON CV70 cardiovascular system provides complete cardiovascular capabilities in a powerful, all-digital ultrasound system. The 4.0 release is designed specifically for the busy cardiovascular specialist, giving premium value and full functionality on demand.

Significant workflow enhancements provide easier study interpretation, faster reporting, enhanced documentation and versatile, cost-effective archival and retrieval.

Imaging capabilities reach a new level with CV70 system's all digital system architecture.

Sophisticated DIMAQ integrated ultrasound workstation enables efficient data capture, connectivity and analysis for faster patient throughput.

Advanced imaging such as fourSight TEE view and the ACUSON AcuNav ultrasound catheter with intracardiac imaging lets you see everything with more depth and clarity.

High-performance technology and system versatility deliver exceptional value in a premium ultrasound package.

  • The powerful, all digital core technology of the CV70 system is built on a combination of: technology migration from other ACUSON ultrasound systems, MultiBeam Image Formation, multihertz and the Acuson integrated DIMAQ architecture.
  • - The all-digital architecture preserves the signal integrity of all ultrasound information throughout the entire signal path from transducer to display.
  • - MultiBeam Image Formation allows high frame rate imaging, for optimal color flow and motion visualization
  • - Precision MotionCapture utilizes the full spectrum of signal information which allows the accurate display of cardiac structures for analysis
  • - DIMAQ integrated workstation acquires, captures, and stores digital dynamic clips and static images without interrupting the exam workflow. This technology is the gateway to advanced features
  • Physical Characteristics
  • ▣ System Height: 142.2 cm (56.0 inch)
  • ▣ Width: 51.0 cm (20.1 inch)
  • ▣ Depth: 79.8 cm (31.4 inch)
  • ▣ Weight: 130 kg (286 pounds) without OEM's
  • User Interface
  • ▣ User-centric control panel with homebase layout
  • ▣ Windows based operating principles and on-screen icons to activate most frequently used functions
  • ▣ Adjustable control panel back-lit illumination
  • ▣ Intuitive active stage lighting
  • ▣ Digital Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides easy and immediate access to secondary imaging controls
  • ▣ Wrist support to help reduce operator repetitive stress disorders
  • ▣ Retractable alphanumeric keyboard with overhead illumination for standard text, function keys and system programming
  • ▣ Up to 32 user-definable QuickSet user programmable system parameters programs for individual transducer/application settings. QuickSets combine all preferred imaging mode parameters, annotation text and measurements into one user preset
  • ▣ Configurable two-pedal foot switch
  • Monitor
  • ▣ Multi-Sync, 15-inch, high resolution, progressive scan (non-interlaced)
  • ▣ 800 x 600 pixel display matrix with a recordable image area of 800 x 600 pixels (SVGA)
  • Hard Drive
  • ▣ Internal 40 GB Hard Drive for patient database management
  • ▣ Allows storage of patient studies that include images, dynamic clips, reports and measurements
  • ▣ Image storage capacity up to 42,000 images; color or black/white, or storage of approximately 6,300 dynamic clips
  • CD-RW Drive
  • ▣ Removable 650 MB read/write CD-R
  • Audio Speakers
  • Transducer Ports
  • ▣ Two universal transducer ports that support Phased Array, Curved-Linear Array and Linear Array
  • Transducer Storage
  • ▣ Six configurable transducer holders support all transducer designs and provide gel bottle storage
  • ▣ Ergonomic cable management and secure cable management during exams and transport
  • Operating/Display Modes
  • 2D imaging in fundamental and harmonic modes
  • ▣ Tissue and color M-mode
  • ▣ SieScape panoramic imaging
  • ▣ Axius edge-assisted Ejection Fraction (option)*
  • ▣ Color Doppler Velocity mode
  • ▣ Power Doppler mode (Vascular only)
  • ▣ Directional Power Doppler mode (Vascular only)
  • ▣ Spectral Doppler Tissue Imaging
  • ▣ PW Pulsed Wave spectral Doppler mode
  • ▣ CW Continuous Wave spectral Doppler mode (Aux Pencil style and phased array steerable)
  • ▣ Duplex mode
  • ▣ Triplex mode (Vascular only)
  • ▣ ECG trace in all modes
  • ▣ Flexible combination of imaging modes in side-by-side Dual and Dual Select in real-time, and digital cine replay
  • ▣ Selectable split screen display formats in 2D/color with M mode and/or spectral Doppler mode: top-bottom or side by-side in real-time and digital cine replay
  • 2D Calipers Generic Measurements and Calculations
  • Multiple cursor sets on frozen and cine playback images
  • ▣ Up to eight distance measurements per screen
  • ▣ Distance, depth from skin line
  • ▣ Trace Length measurement
  • ▣ Angle measurement
  • ▣ Area and circumference: ellipse, trace, cross, spline
  • ▣ Compound Measurements:
  • - Volume: user-selectable calculated by 2-Plane 3 distances, 2-Plane trace, 1 Plane 2 distances, 1-Plane ellipse or 1-Plane disk measurements
  • - Flow volume: Combined velocity and distance, or velocity and ellipse measurements
  • - Stenosis: user-selectable, calculated by area, or diameter measurements
  • Cine Review
  • Cine feature offers post-acquisition optimization of all real-time post-processing functions.
  • ▣ Frame-by-frame cine loop review and continuous cine motion review, including control of playback rate
  • ▣ Independent cine review in mixed modes (2D/M, 2D/Doppler, 2D/C/Doppler)
  • ▣ Independent cine review in 2D Dual Select mode with image align playback feature
  • ▣ Standard Cine Memory: providing up to 511 2D mode images or up to 511 2D/C images
  • ▣ Up to 60 seconds Doppler Cine, or up to 60 seconds M-mode Cine
  • ▣ Cine Store: Multiple single frame storage with clipboard review allowing post processing, measurement and annotation functions
  • Post Processing Features in Freeze Frame or Cine
  • ▣ 2D-mode
  • - Zoom/pan
  • - Gray map
  • - 2D-mode B-color maps
  • - Measurements/reports/annotations/pictograms
  • ▣ Color
  • - Zoom/pan
  • - Color map
  • - Color invert
  • - Measurements/reports/annotations/pictograms
  • ▣ Doppler
  • - Gray map
  • - Doppler B-color maps
  • - Angle correct
  • - Measurements/reports/annotations/pictograms
  • ▣ M-mode
  • - Gray map
  • - M-mode B-color maps
  • - Measurements/reports/annotations/pictograms
  • Transducer Technology
  • Ultra-sensitive, wideband transducers, matched with user-selectable MultiHertz imaging, improve resolution and penetration. Depending on the transducer, the user can select up to five 2D and THI frequencies and two color and spectral Doppler frequencies, expanding the clinical versatility of a single transducer, and thereby maximizing transducer investment.
  • ▣ Wideband MultiHertz imaging allows two separate Harmonic frequencies user selection of 2D and color frequency for optimal resolution and penetration
  • ▣ microCaseď transducer miniaturization technology combined with SuppleFlex transducer cables provide small, lightweight, comfortable transducers, designed to help reduce operator fatigue during prolonged scanning sessions
  • ▣ Innovative ultra low-loss lens materials and microelectronic technologies for efficient performance and increased signal bandwidth
  • ▣ Frequency range: 2.0 - 13.0 MHz