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GE Carescape E-sCAiO Respiratory Module

GE Carescape E-sCAiO Respiratory Module
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The GE CARESCAPE E-sCAiO Respiratory Module is an anesthesia module designed for use with patient monitors and ventilators to measure respiratory gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide), anesthesia, and breathing characteristics in adults, pediatric, and neonatal patients.

The GE Healthcare Carescape E-sCAiO Respiratory Module is a compact medical device designed to increase the overall functionality of the GE Carescape V100, B40 and B125 monitors that provides doctors or medical personnel with more accurate and more complete data.

Features & Benefits

▣ Increases overall functionality of patient monitor
▣ Reduces breathing circuit/gas monitoring downtime
▣ Small-form-factor Medical Device
▣ Increases overall functionality of V100 Vital Signs Monitor
▣ Helps Patients in breathing a little easier
▣ Designed to free up valuable space, the Carescape E-sCAiO Respiratory Module is compact, lightweight and has low power consumption.
▣ The Respiratory Module streamlines workflow efficiency with its fewer connections and less equipment.
▣ It aids in the reduction of breathing circuit/gas monitoring downtime and enables the simultaneous use of the Entropy and hemodynamic measurement modules.
▣ Single-width module that can monitor CO2 & N2O, Anesthetic Agents & Agent Identification, and Oxygen of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.