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Timeter Classic Flowmeters O2 and Air Flowmeters

Timeter Classic Flowmeters
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Timeter Classic Flowmeter is hand-crafted and engineered to the highest standards of performance and accuracy. The front scale, silk screened on the acrylic block, is checked for accuracy at critical points against a flowmeter reference standard. The silk-screened backscale on oxygen flowmeters is aligned mirror-perfect with the front. A renewable valve assembly allows you to make readjustments quickly with a slight turn of the valve stem.

Timeter Classic O2 Flowmeters and Air Flowmeters Ordering Information

All bottom outlets are DISS male oxygen. Flowmeters are calibrated for 50 psi sources.

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Warranty Statement Soft-Touch Timeter flowmeters are warranted under normal use against any manufacturing defects from the date Allied ships for a period of five years for any failure resulting from defective parts or faulty workmanship.