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Schuco Vac 130 Aspirator

Schuco Vac 130 Aspirator
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Schuco-Vac 130 Aspirator

The regulator assembly has been replaced with a bacteria filter, eliminating the cap and float assembly. This filter will prevent fluids and other contaminants from damaging the pump.

This durable unit continues to meet the need for controlled vacuum regulation from 0" up to 22" Hg with a flow rate of 28 lpm.

Standard Features

New bacteria filter prevents contaminant damage

Vibration-free easy-to-read regulator gauge

Wire basket accommodates a variety of canisters

3 bacteria filters with every Schuco 130

Quick-connect tubing for all connections

Hydrophobic/bacteria filter eliminates pump flooding, the most common cause of pump damage and prevents contaminant damage.

Ordering Information

S130 Aspirator, 800 cc canister (115/60)

S230 Aspirator, 800 cc canister (220/50)

S230A Aspirator, 800 cc canister (220/50)

S1160-RPL Disposable Canister, 1200 cc, 4/case

S1160A-RPL Disposable Canister, 2000 cc, 4/case

S1160B-RPL Disposable Canister, 800 ml, 5/case

S1160B-CS Disposable Canister, 80 ml, 70/case

S610100 Suction Tubing Kit (72" & 15" lengths)

01-90-3100 Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter, 3/pkg.