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GE Vivid S5 and S6 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Systems

GE Vivid S5 and S6 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Systems
GE Vivid S5 and S6 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Systems
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The Vivid S5 and Vivid S6

GE Healthcare's all-new Vivid S6 and Vivid S5 signature class cardiovascular ultrasound systems combine strong performance and excellent image quality into new innovative console designs. The Vivid S5 and S6 take the clinical quantitative tools from the acclaimed Vivid 7 and the miniaturization expertise gained from Vivid i to create extraordinarily unique cardiovascular and shared services systems that expands the reach of patient examinations.

Ergonomic Design

The new ergonomic design of the Vivid S5 and S6 reduces fatigue and discomfort, while increasing efficiency and well-being. Our "Flex-Fit" mechanism (up and in, down and out) enables continuous pivoting height adjustment of the control panel, while keeping optimal distance from the user and leaving just the right legroom for standing or sitting positions. And the horizontally swiveling keyboard is always within easy reach for quick operation.

The low weight and size and fold-down mechanism of the display allow easy move ability. With their greater mobility and innovative design, the Vivid S5 and S6 supports improved health for both patients and staff.


The Vivid S6 and S5 Signature Class cardiovascular ultrasound systems feature an innovative design that improves productivity. With their high-performance, compact design where miniaturization meets console, and ergonomic comfort, the S6 and S5 bring workflow and productivity to the next level. Automated image-optimization features and a wide range of connectivity options allow faster acquisitions, to streamline procedures and provide a higher standard of productivity in any lab.

Anatomical M-Mode

The Anatomical M-Mode option allows correct measurements in non-standard planes.


Automatic Tissue and Automatic Spectrum Optimization are well within reach with the touch of a button.


Tissue Tracking (TT) provides easy recognition of global and regional left ventricular wall motion abnormalities. *Only available on Vivid S6


Advanced Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI) quantifies LV synchronicity information. Time-to-peak data is visualized in a simple to read, red-yellow-green functional image. *Only available on Vivid S6

LVO Contrast**

Get enhanced visualization of the LV border for diagnosing abnormalities - plus wall-motion analysis and ejection fraction calculations. **All contrast agents should be used as described on the label by the contrast agent manufacturers.

Stress - Vivid S5

The mobile Vivid S5 cardiovascular ultrasound system offers a complete, easy-to-use package for stress echo. Distinguished by its excellent image quality, sensitivity, high frame rates and speed, the Vivid S5 delivers the enhanced diagnostic performance clinicians need - in an affordable, ergonomically-designed system that can improve the workflow of any stress echo environment.

SmartStress* - Vivid S6

Time-saving function improves workflow, shortens optimization time and increases reproducibility by automatically adjusting the settings for the next stress level. SmartStress can save over 17 imaging parameters from each imaging plane - and then recall the parameters at each stress level for the same plane, eliminating the need for system adjustments on the higher stress levels. *Only available on Vivid S6

Shared Service Productivity

Fully integrated cardiac, vascular, and OB/GYN measurement and report packages improve productivity, and reduce time spent documenting after the patient has left. The vascular package offers automated vascular calculations, as well as automatic optimization tools to improve the efficiency of all types of vascular exams. The systems' automated image quality features and wide range of connectivity options facilitate faster acquisitions, streamline procedures, and provide new productivity standards for your lab.

Dramatically reduce the time and improve the accuracy of the carotid artery's intima-media thickness measurements with IMT measuring technology.


Your image quality remains protected with our raw-data storage. EchoPAC allows instant access to ultrasound raw data provided by the Vivid S6 and S5 for comprehensive review, analysis and post-processing capabilities. Through enhanced connectivity and media support, data is shared more smoothly within networks.

Vivid S5 and Vivid S6 - Customer Testimonials

"Fast track echocardiography, with easy-to-use workflow (i.e., flex and auto keys), allows a fast and effective examination."

Dr. Stephan Beckmann, Cardiologist,

Berlin, Germany

"The overall control keyboard is very well organized and easy to understand. For example, we moved the system to ICU in the middle of the night for a doctor who did not know the Vivid family. He found the system very easy to use, and performed the examination very quickly."

Dr. Ghislaine Deklunder,

Chief of Department for Non Invasive Cardiac and Vascular Lab, University Hospital of Lille,

Cardiac Hospital, Lille, France

"The Vivid S6 is user friendly, with a great ergonomic design. It has all the technology you need for your everyday clinical use."

Dr. Yvonne Gilliland, Cardiologist

Ochsner Clinic Foundation

New Orleans, LA

"I like the system, it has great image quality. It's a great system."

Dr. Richard Milani,

Director of the Non-Invasive Laboratory

Ochsner Clinic Foundation,

New Orleans, LA

"The Vivid S6 has all the vascular tools of a high-end system in an ergonomic, mobile design."

Dr. Yung-Wei Chi, D.O., Vascular Lab Director

Ochsner Clinic Foundation, New Orleans, LA

"Comprehensive stress echocardiography for different clinical needs, i.e., ischemic heart disease, valvular heart disease, systolic and diastolic heart failure; with all modes available in one template."

Dr. Stephan Beckmann, Cardiologist,

Berlin, Germany

"One-touch optimization of SmartStress (Vivid S6) allows quick optimization, which means quicker acquisition. And quicker acquisition leads to accuracy."

Dr. Sangetta Shah, Cardiologist

Ochsner Clinic Foundation, New Orleans, LA