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Acuson X300 Ultrasound Machine

Acuson X300 Ultrasound Machine
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The ultra-portable ACUSON X300 ultrasound machine brings the benefits of migrating Siemens core technologies to an entirely new level of diagnostic performance and workflow efficiency in the world of compact, mobile, color Doppler ultrasound systems. The X300 system combines best-in-class image quality and a robust set of features to meet daily clinical needs. It enhances diagnostic confidence with high quality color and power Doppler, 2D imaging, steerable, continuous wave and pulse-wave Doppler capabilities. It also provides a pathway to seamlessly integrate future technology advancements.

The all-digital system architecture enables seamless integration of optional features to enhance productivity such as both filtering and phase inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) and TGO tissue grayscale optimization technology, connectivity solutions such as DICOM Print/Store, DICOM Worklist, DICOM MPPS and DICOM OB and Cardiac structured reporting and additional functionality such as 3-Scape real time 3D imaging and integrated stress echo.

Physical Characteristics

▣ Height: 138.2 cm (54.4 inch)

▣ Width: 51.8 cm ( 20.4 inch)

▣ Depth: 88.0 cm (34.6 inch)

▣ Weight: 102 kg (225 pounds) without OEM's

User Interface

▣ Intuitive PC-based operating principles

▣ User-centric control panel with HomeBase layout

▣ On/Off task light and back-lit illumination of control panel

▣ Up to 32 QuickSet user-programmable system parameters allow users to program system parameters for individual transducer/application settings. QuickSet parameters combine all preferred imaging mode parameters, annotation text and measurements into one user preset


▣ Flat Panel Display, 15-inch color, high resolution, and progressive scan (non-interlaced) with in plane switching (IPS) technology

▣ Resolution, 1024 x 768 pixels

▣ Total screen area 1024 x 768. Recordable image area clips 800 x 600. Total screen capture is an option

Hard Drive

▣ Internal 80 GB hard drive for patient database management

DVD Dual Drive (DVD-R/RW & CD-R/RW)

▣ Removable 650 MB, 700 MB and 790 MB CD-R and 650 MB or 700 MB CD-RW

▣ Removable 4.7 GB single layer DVD and 8.5 GB single side double layer DVD

▣ Allows storage and archiving of complete patient studies including images, dynamic clips, reports and measurements

Transducer Ports

▣ Up to three active universal transducer ports that support phased array, curved array and linear array transducers (3rd array port optional)

▣ The two transducer port configuration has two active and one transducer parking port

▣ Electronic transducer selection (instantaneous switching between transducers)

▣ Industrial design provides easy access to the transducer ports

Transducer Storage

▣ Six configurable transducer holders support all transducer designs and provide gel bottle storage

▣ SuppleFlex transducer cables and integrated cable management for protection during exams and transport

▣ Special transducer holder provides secure storage and easy access to endocavity transducer

▣ Transducer holders can be removed for cleaning

Operating/Display Modes

▣ 2D imaging in fundamental and harmonic modes (both phase inversion and filtered)

▣ DTI Doppler Tissue Imaging capability including 2D, M-mode and Spectral

▣ Color M-mode

▣ M-mode

▣ Color Doppler Velocity mode

▣ Power Doppler mode

▣ Directional power Doppler

▣ PW Pulsed Wave spectral Doppler mode

▣ CW Continuous Wave spectral Doppler mode (Aux Pencil style and phased array steerable)

▣ ECG trace in all modes

▣ Duplex mode

▣ Triplex mode

▣ Flexible combination of imaging modes in side-by-side Dual and Dual Select in real-time, and digital cine replay

▣ Selectable split screen display formats in 2D or 2D/color with M-mode and/or spectral Doppler mode: top-bottom or side-by-side in real-time and digital cine replay

▣ 4B mode

▣ Virtual Format

2D Calipers Generic Measurements and Calculations

▣ Multiple cursor sets on frozen, live, dual screen and cine playback images

▣ Up to 8 distance measurements per screen

▣ Distance and depth measurement from skin line

▣ Angle measurement

▣ Area and circumference: ellipse, trace

▣ Compound Measurements:

- Volume: user-selectable preset by 1 distance, 2 distance, 3 distance; 1 ellipse and 1 distance

- Flow volume: 1 velocity and 1 distance, or 1 velocity and 1 ellipse

- Stenosis: user-selectable preset calculated by 2 ellipse, or 2 distance measurements

Cine Review

Cine feature is standard and offers post-acquisition optimization of all real-time post-processing functions.

▣ Frame-by-frame cine loop review and continuous cine motion review, including control of playback rate

▣ Independent cine review in mixed modes (2D/M, 2D/Doppler, 2D/C/Doppler)

▣ Independent cine review in 2D Dual Select mode with image align playback feature

▣ Maximum Standard Cine Memory is up to 545 frames

▣ Cine Store: Multiple single frame storage with clipboard review allowing post processing, measurement and annotation functions

▣ Retrospective clip capture during real-time imaging with a selectable duration of 1, 2, 3, or 4 seconds or a selectable duration 1, 2, 3 or 4 beat capture; ECG triggerable (for OB preset only 1 or 2 seconds and only 1 or 2 beats are available)

▣ Prospective clip capture during real-time imaging with a selectable duration of 1 to 120 seconds a selectable duration 1 to 120 beat capture; ECG triggerable

Post Processing Features in Freeze Frame or Cine

▣ 2D-mode

- Zoom/pan

- Gray map

- 2D-mode colorization map

- Measurements/reports/annotations/pictograms

▣ Color

- Zoom/pan

- Color map

- Color invert

- Measurements/reports/annotations/pictograms

▣ Doppler

- Gray map

- Doppler colorization map

- Angle correct

- Measurements/reports/annotations/pictograms

▣ M-Mode

- Gray map

- M-mode colorization map

- Measurements/reports/annotations/pictograms

Transducer Technology

Ultra-sensitive, wideband transducers, matched with user-selectable MultiHertz multiple frequency imaging, improve resolution and penetration. Depending on the transducer, the user can select up to 7 2D and THI frequencies and up to 2 color and spectral Doppler frequencies, expanding the clinical versatility of a single transducer, and thereby maximizing transducer investment.

▣ Wideband MultiHertz imaging allows user selection of independent 2D and color frequencies for optimal resolution and penetration

▣ Universal, stainless steel and disposable biopsy guides for specified linear and curved array transducers

▣ Innovative ultra low-loss lens materials and microelectronic technologies for efficient performance and increased signal bandwidth

▣ Frequency range: 2.0 - 13.0 MHz

▣ Hanafy Lens acoustic technology

▣ MicroCase transducer miniaturization technology and SuppleFlex cables