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Philips Avalon FM40 Fetal Monitor

Philips Avalon FM40 Fetal Monitor
Philips Avalon FM40 Fetal Monitor
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Enlightened enough to handle triplets

And if they can monitor triplets, imagine what else the Philips Avalon FM40 and FM50 fetal monitors can do for you. Based on the legendary IntelliVue platform, the advanced Avalon FM40 and FM50 are simply smart enough to provide all the information you need to care for your patients:

  • * Crisp and clear intuitive color touchscreen with large numerics and graphics
  • * Remote display option, including touchscreen capability, for added convenience and safety
  • * Backup memory for seamless monitoring
  • * LAN interface for compatibility with hospital IT networks and access to additional system capabilities
  • * Smart transducers with auto-recognition simplify operation
  • * Transducer plug and play with automatic screen layout to focus on the patient, not the system
  • * Data buffer with multi-patient handling for random printout
  • * Cross-channel verification of maternal and fetal heart rates
Avalon FM40 Provides integrated monitoring of maternal blood pressure, SpO₂, pulse rate, and ECG, as well as monitoring of multiple fetal heart rates, uterine activity, and fetal movement.

An ideal fit Philips offers a wide range of mounting solutions and high-quality medical supplies to optimize the performance of your Philips monitors.

Freedom of movement meets peace of mind The Avalon FM40 and FM50 fetal monitors are compatible with the Avalon Cordless Transducer System (CTS) to provide freedom of movement for the mother during continuous monitoring by the care team.

Connect to OB TraceVue for a complete picture from the start The Avalon FM40 and FM50 fetal monitors connect seamlessly to OB TraceVue, the Philips obstetrical information management system for the continuum of care from the first antepartum visit through labor, delivery, postpartum, and newborn nursery care.