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Burton XenaLux Operating Room Light

Burton XenaLux Operating Room Light
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Advanced design assures top performance and a noticeably brighter light beam.

Powered by a 300-watt Xenon source and with light delivery via multi-fiber cables, Burton's XenaLux™ O.R. headlamp system offers superior intensity as well as remarkable reliability and value. The headlamp's optical system has a full range of articulation with a variable spot range, removable joystick adjustment and a new and improved vertically adjustable linkage arm for added reach and greater maneuverability. Unique design and optics allow the XenaLux™ Illuminator to provide superior features.

XenaLux 300-Watt Xenon Headlamp Features:

- Extremely bright light of 120,000+ lux.

- Variable spot with flawless circular beam.

- Very light weight right angle headlamp.

- Preferred for comfort.

- Compact optical system.

- Fully-adjustable and uniquely-designed linkage arm allows for vertical adjustment of the optical module.

- Adapts to any Wolf port.

- Attractive standard 3.5 bundle cable - other cables, including glass bifurcated, are available.

- Extraordinary warranty: 3 years.