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Burton SuperNova Exam Lights Wall SN22W Floor SN22FL

Burton SuperNova Exam Light
Burton SuperNova Exam Light
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The Burton SuperNova Exam Light is the medical industry's first exam light that delivers the intensity, coolness and performance for today's health care facilities. The SuperNova is not a “throw-away gooseneck,” but a light that will survive typical handling and usage in busy clinics. Using a 20-Watt halogen bulb, the SuperNova's Exam Light offers an incredibly long lasting 7,000-hour bulb life. Plus, The SuperNova's compact base requires minimal floor space, which is an especially important feature for so many facilities. For concentrated illumination, ease of movement, stability and style, nothing compares to the SuperNova.


- 1945 Footcandles (21,000 Lux) -- Special built-in lens concentrates light for maximum intensity.

- 3700°K color temperature (natural coloring).

- 20-watt, low-voltage halogen bulb with amazing 7,000-hour bulb life.

- Easy-grip side handles for positioning.

- Smooth surface for easy cleaning.

- Rugged non-sag gooseneck.

- Lighthead swivels about gooseneck.

- Cool housing temperature and cool light beam.

- UV/IR filter over bulb.

- Easy bulb changing (from top) without tools.

- High quality, space saving 4-caster base - safe and flexible portable movement with locking feature in 2 of 4 casters.

- 115V standard; 230V models available.

- UL 60601-1/60601-2-41 Certified.