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ZOLL SurePower Defibrillator Battery System

ZOLL SurePower Defibrillator Battery System
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SurePower System provides unprecedented cost-effective defibrillator battery management

Clinicians need to be sure batteries that power life-saving defibrillator equipment will work when needed.

Defibrillator batteries are often replaced unnecessarily to ensure dependable performance, often because of the difficulty of insuring the battery's condition. The ZOLL SurePower System brings clinicians the confidence that batteries will meet user demands and removes the uncertainty that drives costly maintenance practices.

  • ▣ Eliminates guesswork with clear run time indicators
  • ▣ Reduces costly battery replacements
  • ▣ Automates testing and calibration on the battery SP Defibrillator Charger Indicator
  • ▣ Assists with planning process for future defibrillator battery needs
SurePower Battery Indicator Runtime Indicator eliminates guesswork

SurePower Battery Pack

At just 1.7 pounds (0.77 kg), the SurePower Battery Pack has four times the energy density of traditional battery chemistries. Its lithium ion chemistry keeps pace with the growing demands of today's defibrillators.

  • ▣ Longer life cycles and better capacity retention.
  • ▣ Eliminates guesswork by indicating runtime instead of non-specific state of charge.
  • ▣ On-board memory stores both charging and use history.
  • ▣ Compatible with ZOLL defibrillators: R Series and E Series
SurePower Charger Station

The SurePower Charger Station is the cornerstone of this innovative maintenance system. With the simple exchange of SurePower Batteries in and out of the charger, calibration is automated and history of use is recorded.

  • ▣ Icon-driven interface reports state of batteries.
  • ▣ Charges full range of ZOLL defibrillator batteries: SurePower, 4410, 4410 Smart, 4410 SmartReady, and XL batteries. Designed to accommodate future chemistry variants.
  • ▣ Interfaces with PCs running SurePower Manager Software.
SurePower Manager Software

SurePower Manager Software provides effective battery management by delivering unparallel access to information that helps you understand your organization's defibrillator-battery demands. SurePower Managers helps you eliminate premature battery disposals in light use areas, while ensuring sufficient runtimes for more demanding applications. SurePower Manager helps track the status of your entire fleet, and provide a concise picture of future battery needs and replacements.

Selectable pass/fail thresholds allow users to:

  • ▣ extend the life of a battery in low-use environments
  • ▣ increase dependability where long-duration transports are expected
  • ▣ Provides precise determination of a battery's state of health and lets you decide when it reaches the end of its useful life
  • ▣ Fleet management tools eliminate guesswork when it comes to budgeting and planning for new purchases