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Vascular Surgery Operating Tables at PhysiciansResource.net

According to Vascular Sugery by Robert W. Hobson, Samuel E. Wilson, and Frank J. Veith, the setup of a vascular surgery procedure is extremely unique. As indicated in their book, the operating table in a vascular surgery setting must be “radiolucent and is controlled by a surgeon.” In addition, the caudal end of the table must be lengthy in order to accommodate catheters and guidewires without contaminating them. Vascular Surgery Operating Tables also have to be able to be adjusted to the needs of a patient in terms of height, oblique, and longitude. If you're looking for a better OR table for your vascular surgery department, consider some of these operating table solutions from PhysiciansResource.net:

By Amsco
As one of the featured Surgery Tables at PhysiciansResource.net, the Amsco 2080M is ideal for operating rooms that desire to stay on the leading edge of technology. Able to be adjusted for Trendelenberg, height, back, tilt, flex, and foot, this operating table by Amsco is a flexible fit for your OR. Trust in its dependable manual operation, mechanical floor locks, and durable construction. Get yours today from PhysiciansResource.net.

By Maquet
When choosing a table by Maquet at PhysiciansResource.net, it has to be the Maquet 1130.02 Vascular Surgery Operating Table. This table is a fully radioluscent, fully remote control, battery and line powered surgical table that is packed with features like:

  • Built-in x-ray channel
  • Numerous adjustments
  • Durable construction
  • 500 lb. Weight capacity

Perform your vascular surgeries safely and efficiently. Choose this vascular surgery operating table from PhysiciansResource.net.

By Skytron
The Skytron 6001 Elite can be your hospitals choice for vascular surgery. This table provides remote control C-arm positioning capabilities for a wide range of procedures, with various adjustments including top rotation, lateral tilt, trendelenberg, and reverse. Get yours today from PhysiciansResource.net.