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Sterilization is key in maintaining the quality of care for your patients. Cleanliness not only creates a secure feeling in patients, but it also reduces the risk of infection, the spread of disease, and the contamination of your practice. Medical professionals know how important cleanliness is when it comes to providing the best possible care for patients. That is why physicians trust the Tuttnauer Autoclaves and Sterilization Supplies from PhysiciansResource.net.

According to the company web site, “for over 80 years, Tuttnauer's sterilization and infection control products have been trusted by hospitals, universities, research institutes, clinics and laboratories throughout the world.” Building on this reputation of excellence, Tuttnauer provides sterilization technology to over 100 countries, earning global recognition as a leader in infection control and sterilization. In addition, Tuttnauer combines leadership, expertise, partnership, and flexibility to achieve the highest levels of patient care technology possible. Physicians have trusted Tuttnauer because of its high standards for over 80 years. Trust PhysiciansResource.net to provide you with these Tuttnauer Technologies to benefit your practice:

The Manual Autoclave by Tuttnauer is ideal for any healthcare facility. Designed with the operator in mind, this easy to use and convenient sterilizer is perfect for sanitizing surgical tools, instruments, or other medical supplies used frequently in your practice. In addition, this model features an automatic shut off to save on energy costs, a long life electro chamber and door for durability, and several safety features to protect your employees – the perfect fit for a small medical office.

Perfect for a growing clinic, the Automatic Autoclave is ideal for those who need to sterilize quickly and efficiently. Utilizing air pumps to circulate air for fast drying, this model of sterilizer is perfect for practices that need to battle rising energy costs and reduced free time.

Accommodate your patient load using this automatic autoclave from PhysiciansResource.net with features like:

  • Replaceable Hepa filter
  • Pre-loaded cycles with innovative monitoring systems
  • Safety features for added security
  • Power outage recovery system
  • Constant temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Programming customization

Looking for something to fit a large practice or a hospital? The Tuttnauer Large Capacity Autoclave is the largest automatic table top machine of its kind. Featuring a closed door drying system that's built for efficiently, this sterilization machine from PhysiciansResource.net can accommodate longer instruments and a higher volume of smaller ones. Rapid cycles, sterilization programs, easy to use interface, and integrated cycle documentation are just some of the features you'll find on this clinic solution by Tuttnauer.

Don't risk the welfare of your practice by choosing inferior sterilization equipment. Trust PhysiciansResource.net to deliver the Tuttnauer Sterilization Machines you need to keep your practice running at optimal efficiency and effectiveness.