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Defibrillators Save Lives

At The Physician's Resource we are committed to offering the best brands in medical supply needs. Defibrillators are a key component of your medical needs. In order to potentially save a life in a life-threatening situation all major facilities should have one on hand. From businesses, to malls, retirement homes, sports center and more, defibrillators are a priceless solution to possibly helping someone in real medical need.

At The Physician's Resource we offer some of the top brands including Cardiac Science Powerheart, Hewlett Packard CodeMaster, Medtronic/Physio Control LifePak, and Zoll M-Series.

Revolutionary Defibrillators Approximately 40,000 people in the United States die from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) every year. The AMA and AHA recommend that automated external defibrillator (AED) be used as a standard of care in the treatment of SCD. PhysiciansResource.net offers state-of-the art defibrillators.

Any AED can provide a life-saving shock during a cardiac arrest, but our Defibrillators provide continuous monitoring capabilities during and after resuscitation. These compact units feature the proprietary Rescue Ready technology, which performs daily automatic self-tests of electronics, batter and electrodes along with monthly full-charge tests to ensure it is always ready for rescue.

Medtronic / Physio Control For over 15 years, defibrillation systems have allowed people with tachyarrhythmias to live longer, better lives. For decades Physio Control have worked “like you work” to save more lives. As a pioneer of defibrillation technology and the world leader in external defibrillation for more then five decades, they’ve been committed to save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest in communities, during transport and in hospitals all over the world with their Medtronic/Physio Control LifePak 12, LifePak 20 and LifePak 500 Defibrillators.

Philips For more than a century Philips has pioneered technology that makes life better. They have the most complete and trusted defibrillator solutions to help caregivers treat sudden cardiac arrest quickly and effectively. Phillips offers a full range of defibrillators – from easy-to-use automated external defibrillators, like the Philips FR2 AED used in the home and community, to sophisticated HeartStart XL and HeartStart MRx multifunction monitor/Defibrillators used by healthcare professionals.

Zoll Zoll offers defibrillators and AED products to meet the needs of a full range of trained rescuers, first responders and hospital professionals. In addition to providing the very latest technology, the entire line of defibrillators features a uniform operating system, so the need for training is minimized and ease of use is maximized. Their AED devices include Real CPR Help that gives real-time feedback on the depth and rate of chest compressions. It's all part of an extensive and integrated line of defibrillation solutions designed to advance the practice of resuscitation. The Zoll AED Plus, ZollAED Pro, Zoll M Series, Zoll M Series CCT, Zoll E Series, Zoll R Series are exceptional, high quality defibrillators.

At The Physician's Resource we offer only the best in the latest technologies; when you’re in need of a defibrillator turn to us for your medical equipment sales and service.