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Cardiology Equipment

Cardiology Equipment: The Lifeline of Heart Health

As a medical provider, its import to understand that coronary heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, both men and women; while a stroke is the third leading cause of death and a major cause of serious disability.

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2002, 696,947 people died of heart disease (51% of them women). This was 29% of all U.S. deaths.

This striking reality is exactly why it's important to reduce the risks, know the warning signs, and visit your physician to be tested with state-of-the-art cardiology equipment, as well as educating oneself.

As a medical worker you should want the best cardiology equipment to help patients live long and healthy lives. Equip your facility with the necessary state-of-the-art supplies and you can help reduce the unnecessary number of cardiac-related deaths.

Defibrillator Cardiology Equipment In a cardiac emergency, where the necessary life-saving equipment is not immediately available, a defibrillator can be a life-saver. Time is of the essence when the heart stops beating and a defibrillator can give the person the saving jolt to get their heart beating long enough to get them to a hospital.

EKG Machine Cardiology Equipment An EKG machine, or electrocardiogram, is used to measure the electrical activity of the heart and gives an indication to the general health of the heart. The EKG machine is able to show if a patient is having a heart attack in real time, or if they have had a heart attack in the past. It can differentiate between a new and old heart attack as well as pinpoint irregularities in the heart rhythm.

Holter Monitoring Cardiology Equipment If your patient's EKG is within normal limits, and they still have complaints of pain or irregularities in their heart rhythm, a specialized EKG machine, called the Holter Monitor, can be worn for 24-hours. Patients go about their normal day and night with the Holter Monitor attached. The electrodes are applied to the chest and wires connect to the monitor. If they have irregularities in their heart rhythm, the Holter Monitor will pick them up. For the health of your patients it's important to have a Holter Monitor available to them.

Stress Test Cardiology Equipment Stress Test equipment is important in determining a patient's heart health as well as susceptibility to coronary artery disease. A stress test, performed on either a treadmill or stationary bike, measures the blood and oxygen flow to arteries. Determining if there is a problem using a stress test can help lead to possible cardiac therapy, which can lead to a longer life.