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Find the Right C-Arms for Your Practice

Since its invention and implementation into the health care industry, the C-Arm has revolutionized the way doctors capture images of a patient. Using a unique combination of x-rays, C-Arms or Fluoroscopes deliver real time images in a manner that is safer for both doctor and patient. Consisting of an x-ray source, input window, input phosphor, photocathode, vacuum and electron optics, output phosphor and output window, it allows for lower x-ray doses to be used on patients by magnifying the intensity produced in the output image, enabling the viewer to easily see the structure of the object being imaged. Start taking better images now. Start using one of the C-Arms from PhysiciansResource.net.

The FluoroScan Premier is ideal for offices that want to deliver the ultimate results in patient care without compromise. Designed to deliver greater flexibility in your practice, this unique machine has taken mini C-arms to a new standard with such features like:

  • 6"/4" Image Intensifier (I.I.)
  • 2,000 Image Storage
  • 4 Image Memory Buffer
  • Image Flip
  • Automatic Dose Rate
  • Edge Enhancement
  • Noise Suppression

Improve your level of patient care. Get yours today from PhysiciansResource.net.

If you need a dynamic multi-application system that provides solutions to the demanding needs of various types of surgeries, trauma work, and pain management, the OEC 9400 C-Arm helps you meet your goals for patient care. Featuring high resolution monitors, image intensifier technology, and a motion artifact reduction system, this sophisticated machine from PhysiciansResource.net is the perfect addition to your hospital OR or private practice.

Lead the way technologically by implementing the OEC 9800 into your health care system. Using innovative x-ray imaging capabilities and mobile fluoroscopy applications, this model by OEC is built on the same principles that have led thousands of OEC systems to be installed worldwide. Don't risk quality diagnostics. Trust PhysiciansResource.net to provide you with an OEC 9800 today.