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Since its implementation near the turn of the century in the medical community, anesthesia has revolutionized surgical care and the success of many challenging procedures. Able to block conscious sensations, anesthesia allows for patients to undergo crucial surgeries that are vital to survival, despite their invasiveness and painful nature. Today, anesthetics are one of the most widely used methods of treatment in the medical community. PhysiciansResource.net is proud to carry Anesthesia Machines from two of the leading providers of medical technologies: North American Drager and Datex.

North American Drager Medical is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment, and since its beginnings in 1889, the company has been committed to improving the quality of patient care at the highest levels of efficiency. According to the company web site, Drager Medical. provides “innovative solutions for the acute point of care which are the result of a clear focus on core competencies, a close dialog with customers, over a century of experience in the market, and continuous investment in research and development.” PhysiciansResource.net is proud to offer anesthesia machines that carry forth this mission, with features like:

Touch screens
  • Remote displays
  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • Agent monitoring
  • SpO2 & EtCO2
  • AVE Ventilator
  • Critical event avoidance
  • Rapid Response

Increase your quality of patient care today. Trust the Drager Anesthesia Machines from PhysiciansResource.net.

As a member of the GE family of health care technologies, Datex/Ohmeda Medical is proud to produce some of the highest quality medical technologies on the market, including anesthetics. Known for its advancements in anesthesia machines, vaporizers, and respiratory accessories, Datex is committed to raising the bar in patient care every day. PhysiciansResource.net offers Datex Anesthesia Machines that are the epitome of flexibility, innovation, and a cost-effective approach to medical care. Datex models feature:

  • Tidal volume compensation
  • Numerous operating modes, including cardiac bypass
  • Innovative patient breathing system
  • Configurable structure
  • Improved gas flows
  • Touch interfaces
Don't risk the life of your patients. Trust a member of the GE family to deliver the results you need during those critical times in surgery. Trust Datex Anesthesia Machines from PhysiciansResource.net.