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Alaris Infusion Pumps for Improved Care

Generally used intravenously, Infusion Pumps. are the easiest way for one to infuse fluids, medications, or nutrients into a patient's circulatory system. An essential for hospitals and clinics, infusion pumps can administer the correct dosage of fluids without the impracticality of manual administration by nursing staff. Able to be controlled to release specific amounts of fluids at a specific rate, Infusion Pumps have revolutionized hospital care by allowing for a more effective, reliable form of fluid administration, making care more effective and safer for patients.

As this form of technology develops, new strategies of fluid administration are taking form, allowing for an innovative approach to medicine. Because of the flexibility in pressure control, infusion pumps can also allow for medications or nutrients to be injected subcutaneously or epidurally, making for more effective dosage for patients that may have difficulty with an intravenous method. PhysiciansResource.net offers a wide range of Infusion Technology Solutions, including Alaris Infusion Pumps for your hospital or practice.

Designed to help protect the patient and clinician from medical error, the safe and reliable Alaris Systems are the ideal choice for fluid infusion. Utilizing a point-of-care platform to standardize infusion types and processes, these innovative machines provide a comprehensive patient care solution that can simplify your medicinal practices through the use of patient monitoring systems for optimal care. Durable and able to be customized to fit the needs and volumes of your patient and practice, Alaris Infusion Pumps are the practical choice for a clinic looking for a better solution to fluid infusion.

According to the company website, “Working in partnership with hospitals across the country, Cardinal Health is helping to bring new levels of safety and efficiency to the entire IV medication process with our comprehensive line of Alaris products.” If you're looking to raise the bar in your practice, PhysiciansResource.net offers both Alaris Gemini and Alaris Ivac Infusion Pumps to help you deliver a higher standard of patient care through trusted, effective infusion technologies from one of the medical industry's leaders.