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SunTech Medical Orbit BP Cuff

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SunTech Medical Orbit BP Cuff

SunTech’s patented Orbit blood pressure cuff is designed specifically for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) applications. This BP cuff is designed with a soft, supple sleeve that gently hugs the arm to maintain cuff placement and provide the ultimate in patient comfort for patients who must wear a blood pressure cuff for an extended period of time.

Specifically designed for ABPM applications, the Orbit Cuff gently hugs your arm to maintain cuff placement. With its soft, flexible sleeve, it provides the ultimate in patient comfort, especially when it’s necessary to wear the cuff for an extended period of time - whether for a 24-hour ABPM study or something else.

The 100% latex/PVC- free Orbit Cuff is durable enough to withstand repeated readings on multiple patients and comes standard with both the Oscar 2 and Oscar 2 w/ SphygmoCor Inside ABP monitors.


Patient Comfort: Soft, supple sleeve made of lycra/nylon stretch material, gently hugs the arm to maintain BP cuff placement and promote patient comfort

Durability: Value in a long-lasting, high-quality blood pressure cuff material provides a durable yet comfortable cuff solution for repeated readings on multiple patients.

Easy Cleaning/Disinfecting: High quality material with a removable bladder makes it easier to clean, disinfect, or machine wash the BP cuff.

Ease of Use: Innovative design that allows a clinician or an individual to properly position the BP cuff on the arm to provide reliable and repeatable blood pressure readings. Adult Plus and Large Adult sizes offer a gentle curve to provide custom fit feel that helps the cuff stay in place.

Reliable: 100% leak tested for trust, value, and reliability.

Regulatory: Engineered to meet AHA, AAMI-SP10, and MDD guidelines for accurate results you can trust.

Latex-Free/PVC-Free: 100% latex-free and PVC-free promotes patient safety.

Orbit BP Cuff Small Adult 18–27cm
Item#: 98-0063-11
with Female Quick Connect
Orbit BP Cuff Adult 25–35cm
Item#: 98-0063-12
with Female Quick Connect
Orbit BP Cuff Adult Plus  33–40cm
Item#: 98-0063-13
with Female Quick Connect
Orbit BP Cuff Large Adult 39–46cm
Item#: 98-0063-14
with Female Quick Connect

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