SunTech Medical Oscar 2 ABPM

Item #: 99-0012-00
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SunTech Oscar 2 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Oscar 2 system from SunTech Medical sets the standard in ABPM by meeting the highest clinical standards, optimizing patient comfort through innovation, and giving clinicians practical interpretive analysis and reporting tools.

The Oscar 2 is the only ABPM device clinically validated to all 3 internationally recognized protocols (BHS, ASH and AAMI SP10).

Whether used in-clinic or at home, the Oscar 2 can provide blood pressure variability, night-time readings, overnight dipping and monitor surges of blood pressure.


Motion-tolerant Technology: Patented technology ensures fewer failed readings and less repeated studies - from the team that made automated BP during emergency transport and treadmill testing possible.

Patented Orbit ABPM Cuffs: Form-fitting sleeve design secures accurate cuff position throughout the study, ensuring consistently reliable readings and patient comfort.

AccuWin Pro 3 software: Efficient programming and analysis with advanced options provide powerful flexibility and comprehensive data.

Clinical Validations: Independently tested to meet the accuracy and performance requirements of all 3 internationally recognized protocols - BHS, ESH and AAMI:SP10.

Reliability: Flash memory eliminates the possibility of lost data.

Efficiency: Dynamic inflation relates to previous systolic pressure, reducing measurement time.
Parts & Specs
Description Item Number
Oscar 2™ ABPM System 99-0012-00
PowerPack Accessory Kit 98-0056-00
AccuWin Pro™ v3 Software (CD) 27-0037-A1
Oscar 2 USB Cable 97-0090-02
Oscar 2 PC Interface Cable 91-0056-00
USB Adapter 91-0085-00
Small Adult Orbit™ Cuff (18–27 cm) 98-0063-11
Adult Orbit Cuff (25–35 cm) 98-0063-12
Adult Plus Orbit Cuff (33–40 cm) 98-0063-13
Large Adult Orbit Cuff (39–46 cm) 98-0063-14
Oscar 2 Pouch 98-0032-00
Oscar 2 Belt 98-0037-00
Oscar 2 Shoulder Strap 98-0036-00
Battery Recharger + 4 NiMH AA batteries 17-0007-00

  • Technical Specs
  • Specifications & Values
  • Validations: BHS (A/A), ESH, ANSI/AAMI SP10:2002
  • BP Technique: Oscillometry with step deflation
  • BP Range: 25-260 mmHg
  • HR Range: 40-200 bpm
  • Sampling Periods: 3 adjustable (awake, asleep, and special)
  • Time Intervals: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 min.
  • Event Key: Program to allow additional patient readings
  • Data Storage: Flash memory stores up to 250 readings
  • Power Source: Two AA batteries
  • Weight: 284 grams, including batteries
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3 cm
  • PC Requirements: Serial or USB port, Windows® 98 or later
Orbit BP Cuff Small Adult 18–27cm
Item#: 98-0063-11
with Female Quick Connect
Orbit BP Cuff Adult 25–35cm
Item#: 98-0063-12
with Female Quick Connect
Orbit BP Cuff Adult Plus  33–40cm
Item#: 98-0063-13
with Female Quick Connect
Orbit BP Cuff Large Adult 39–46cm
Item#: 98-0063-14
with Female Quick Connect

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