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GE CardioMem CM3000 Digital Holter Recorder

Item #: CM3000
  • Description
The CardioMem CM 3000 sets the standard for a new generation of ECG recorders.

CardioMem features:

- 4 leads: 3 ECG + transthoracic impedance - Pacemaker pulse detection - Integrated impedance monitoring - The transthoracic impedance lead can be used for screening central apneas for evaluating degree of activity

Hence the physician receives additional information for clarifying clinical questions and confirming diagnoses. This information is recorded using the standard ECG electrodes at no inconvenience to the patient.

The recorder features user-friendly, menu-guided operation visible directly on the display. The recorder's graphics display allows a quick check of proper electrode application before starting the recording. The feature connector additionally allows the display of signal curves on a PC.

Continuous open-lead monitoring detects detached electrodes and thus prevents errors during subsequent data analysis.

The small and light CardioMem CM 3000 is comfortable to wear. A protective patient cable guide prevents premature cable breakage. CardioMem can be powered by either 1 standard AA battery or 1 NiMH rechargeable battery. At the start of each new recording, CardioMem checks whether enough battery capacity is available for a 24 or 48-hour measurement.

CardioMem records the ECG data on a Compact Flash memory card. By using higher capacity cards, measurements can be performed with longer recording periods. The data are retained even if the batteries are exhausted or removed. The data can be transferred to the evaluation PC with a card reader.

CardioMem CM 3000 offers high quality, 24-hour, 48-hour or longer recordings of up to three ECG leads as well as transthoracic impedance variations and pacemaker information.

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