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B. Braun McGaw BD360 Syringe Pump

Item #: 12535
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FEATURES: Continuous intravenous infusion rates up to 360 mL/hr, depending upon syringe size; Water-resistant plastic case; can be hung on a pole or use optional pole mount; can be used as primary infusor or can deliver downstream secondary piggyback infusions. Variable time setting using digital controls; LCD display shows time remaining; uses 4 C-cells.


Delivery Time: 10 - 60 min. in 2.5 min. increments

Mechanism: Lead Screw

Dimensions: 5.75"W x 9.75"H x 3" D

Weight: 2 lbs including batteries

Battery: 4 C-size Alkaline batteries

Battery Operating Time: Approximately 400 hours

Rate Range: 1.5 to 360 ml/hr depending on syringe size

Occlusion Pressure: 8.4 to 36.4 psig

Accuracy: 3% using BD 5-60 cc Plastipak syringes

Alarms: - Occlusion - Delivery Time Set Out of Range for Syringe Size - Low Battery - Infusion Complete - Pump Malfunction

Compatible Syringes: 3-60 cc Plastic Syringes

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