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EKG Machines

Some important considerations when selecting an EKG Machine are Interpretive EKG Machines vs. Non-Interpretive, live ECG preview display, how many EKG's daily (usage), Full Page Print Out vs. Half Sheet (abbreviated), portability and size, EKG cart vs. tabletop.

At Physician's Resource we offer New EKG Machines, Demo EKG Machines and Refurbished EKG Machines. A new choice to the market place this year from GE is the CardioSoft PC Based EKG (see listed below). A popular basic EKG Machine is the GE / Marquette MAC 1200 EKG Machine. A good choice for a very active Cardiology site or Hospital is the GE / Marquette MAC 5000 / MAC 5500.

Our new EKG Machines are offered with a One Year to Three Year Warranty. Our refurbished electrocardiographs are offered with a minimum Six Month to One Year Warranty.

Need more HELP? Feel free to call Physician's Resource for personalized assistance. Need your EKG Machine serviced? Let our biomedical staff take care of it for you.