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Defibrillators | AED's

Welcome to our Defibrillator section. Here you will find a variety of AED's and Defibrillators offered in both new and refurbished. When it comes to refurbished AED's the Physio Control LifePak 500 is the most popular choice. If your prefer a new AED the Cardiac Science PowerHeart or Zoll AED Plus may suit the purpose and are highly recommended. For the professional looking for a manual defibrillator and cost savings the Physio Control LifePak 9 and Hewlett Packard CodeMaster are dependable choices. Our choice for BiPhasic defibrillators are the Philips HeartStart and Zoll M-Series.

Our new defibrillators are offered with a One Year to Five Year Warranty. Our refurbished defibrillators are offered with a minimum One Year to Three Year Warranty.

Need more HELP? Feel free to call Physician's Resource for personalized assistance. Need your Defibrillator serviced? Let our biomedical staff take care of it for you.