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GE SEER 1000 Holter Recorder

Item #: SEER1000
Available New & Refurbished
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GE SEER 1000 Holter Recorder

The SEER 1000 app-driven Holter Recorder utilizes innovative technology to establish patient and physician confidence right from the start.

Real quality doesn’t miss a beat.

Every heartbeat sends a vital message, and you can’t settle for just getting part of the story. Our latest Holter Recorder, SEER* 1000, is small, accurate, and easy to use. The custom app gives you visual guidance for lead placement and a clear view of signal quality. All of this can reduce the chance for poor data collection. And that may lead to fewer repeat studies.

Out of sight. Always in mind.

The SEER 1000 empowers you to…
  • • Know the patient is properly connected
  • • Know you’re performing at a high level of efficiency and productivity
  • • Know you have advanced dependable, yet simple technology
  • • Know you’re making every heartbeat of every patient…count
Making It simple.

The SEER 1000 family of products offers the following features:

Custom app guides you through the hook-up process, providing you with visual guidance for lead placement and a clear view of signal quality to help reduce the chance of poor data collection

Three different recorders for three different studies; 24 hours, 48 hours, or 3 days. In three different contemporary colors - to brighten your patient's day.

Slim, trim and contemporary, built around the GE tradition of “friendly” design

It’s small, comfortable to wear and allows your patients to pursue their normal daily activities, while you capture the data you need

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