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SunTech Medical Soft Disposable BP Cuffs: One-Tube Design

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SunTech Soft Disposable BP Cuffs

Full Range of Cuff Sizes, Including Neonatal, Infant & Child

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Infection control is a critical part of patient care, and having the right blood pressure cuff to support your efforts is extremely important. Made with a soft, yet durable fabric that ensures patient comfort and reliability. With a tapered shape for easy and accurate application, thereís even a place to write your patientís name directly on the cuff!

With an eye toward affordability, these disposable blood pressure cuffs promote single-patient use and come in a full range of sizes -- all the way down to neonatal cuffs for your littlest patients -- and are color coded for easy identification and quick selection. Designed for multiple inflations, they are comfortable yet durable and because the cuff is actually the sensor, engineered with external and internal range indicators for use in the most challenging clinical environments. On top of all of that, with the cuff standardization program you can use one cuff for any patient, with any monitor in any department.


Patient Identification: Dedicated location for single patient identification. Minimize cross-contamination.

Cuff Standardization Program (CSP): Expertise in standardizing your facility on one cuff connector; one cuff, any patient, any monitor, any department.

Economical: Priced to support single-patient use, particularly where infection control is a concern.

Patient Comfort: Softer materials, tapered end and rounded edges provide a gentle cuff solution.

Ease of Use: Tapered end for easier cuff application. Color-coded for quick size selection. Interior & exterior range indicators ensure accurate cuff sizing and fit.

Durability: Value in a durable, single-piece design for multiple inflations.

Reliable Performance: 100% leak tested for trust, value, and reliability.

Regulatory: Engineered to meet AHA, AAMI-SP10, and MDD guidelines for results you can trust.

Latex-Free: 100% latex-free materials promotes patient safety.

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