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Blickman Nested Instrument Tables

Item #: 7821SS
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The Blickman Nested Instrument Tables are a space-saving alternative with a unique design that requires only 8 sq. ft. of floor space but yields 31 sq. ft. of usable workspace. They can be ordered individually or as a complete set.

Model 7821SS Complete Set of Six Nested Tables

Model 7822SS Nested Table - 48"L 24"W 42"H

Model 7823SS Nested Table - 44"L 22"W 40"H

Model 7824SS Nested Table - 40"L 20"W 38"H

Model 7825SS Nested Table - 36"L 18"W 36"H

Model 7826SS Nested Table - 32"L 16"W 34"H

Model 7827SS Nested Table - 28"L 14"W 32"H

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