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Blickman SNYDER Solution Stand - Double Basin

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The Blickman Solution Stands have a single or double basin with a supporting frame connected by your choice of a bottom shelf or H-brace. The bracing and shelf, as well as all-stainless, welded construction, enhance the stand's strength and stability. Stainless-steel basin has large, 8-1/2-qt. capacity, yet is unusually quiet when dropped into the circular ring. Rubber bumpers are placed strategically inside the ring to reduce noise from metal-to-metal contact. Travels quietly on 2" swivel casters.

Model7808SS Snyder Double Basin, with Shelf - 29"L 15"W 33"H

Model 7808SS-HB Snyder Double Basin, with H-Brace - 29"L 15"W 33"H

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