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Philips PageWriter TC70 Electro Cardiograph

Philips PageWriter TC70 Electro Cardiograph
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State-of-the-art performance

The Philips PageWriter TC70 cardiograph is designed to meet high-volume ECG demands where the going is rough but quality is critical. A high-resolution 15 touchscreen clearly displays up to 10 seconds and 16 leads, color-coded for signal quality.

Advanced, yet easy to use With the PageWriter TC70 cardiograph, each button lights in sequence, simply prompting you to take an ECG as easily as 1-2-3.

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Superb clinical decision support

Philips DXL 16-Lead ECG Algorithm provides industry-leading ECG interpretations and a suite of advanced STEMI diagnostic aids.

Speeds workflow

The high performance PageWriter TC70 cardiograph features an automated ECG report sequence with integrated wireless transfer of ECGs to streamline your workflow.

Benefits across your organization


* High-resolution 15 touchscreen * Simple 1-2-3 guided process for taking ECGs * 3-in-1 Trident lead wires minimize tangling * Mark cardiac events for later review * Anatomic patient interface module supports correct lead placement

Department Managers

* LeadCheck reveals lead reversals at the bedside * Critical Values helps identify patients who need urgent attention * Automated sequence speeds workflow

IT Administrators

* Strong wireless security toolset 802.11(i), WPA2 CCX v4 * Connectivity using industry standards * Built on a native XML format


* Integrated interpretation on up to 16 leads

* Advanced STEMI clinical decision support tools

* Previous ECGs at the bedside for immediate comparison

Technical Specifications

Simultaneous Lead Acquisition ~ Up to 16 leads

Full Disclosure ~ Twenty minute history of all 16 leads ~ Complete ECG report of any 10 seconds

Timed ECG ~ Support for pharma stress protocols

Report Storage/Transfer ~ Full fidelity at 500 Hz of all 10 sec for up to 16 leads

The next generation in ECG interpretation

The Philips DXL ECG Algorithm, developed by the Advanced Algorithm Research Center, uses sophisticated analytical methods for interpreting the resting ECG. While in the past ECG analysis programs were limited to 12 simultaneous leads, the DXL ECG Algorithm analyzes up to 16-leads of simultaneously acquired ECG waveforms to provide an interpretation of rhythm and morphology for a wide variety of patient populations. The algorithm reflects newly updated guidelines and recommendations, such as the 2007 AHA/ACCF/HRS Recommendations Part II1, and the 2009 AHA/ACCF/HRS Recommendations Part VI2 for the Standardization and Interpretation of the ECG.

Expanded Diagnostic Capabilities

The Philips DXL ECG Algorithm goes beyond traditional 12-lead interpretation of the resting ECG. It also provides for incremental diagnostic capabilities not associated with analysis programs of the past:

* 16-lead integrated analysis to take advantage of optional right chest and back electrodes to provide extended interpretations for adult chest pain

* ST Maps to provide a visual representation of ST deviations in frontal and horizontal planes, responding to the 2009 Recommendations

* Updated criteria based upon the latest clinical research. Examples include the addition of acute global ischemia and incorporation of updated gender-specific STEMI criteria, as documented in the 2009 Recommendations

* STEMI-CA (Culprit Artery) criteria to suggest the probable site of the occlusion, consistent with the 2009 AHA/ACCF/HRS Recommendations

* Critical Values to highlight conditions requiring immediate clinical attention

* Integrated 15-lead pediatric analysis

* LeadCheck program to identify 19 possible lead reversal and placement errors during ECG acquisition

* Updated statements to reflect new 2007 AHA/ACCF/HRS Recommendations

The DXL ECG Algorithm is available on the PageWriter TC70 Cardiograph with the features and capabilities described above. The DXL ECG Algorithm is also available on the HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator with a differentiated set of features.