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Burdick Surveyor S4 Mobile Patient Monitor

Burdick Surveyor S4 Mobile Patient Monitor
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Mortara Burdick Surveyor S4 Mobile Patient Monitor

Comfortable and Convenient

Easy-to-handle and lightweight, the innovative Surveyor S4 Mobile Monitor can be comfortably worn by patients while in ambulatory settings.

ECG Monitoring

Choose the Surveyor S4 for your specific patient type and acuity.

  • For cardiac or high acuity patients, monitor 12-leads of diagnostic quality ECG using Mortara's patented 10-wire LeadForm patient cable.
  • Perform standard ambulatory monitoring of ECG using the 5-lead shielded cable.
  • For basic single-lead ECG monitoring, choose the 3-lead shielded cable.
VERITAS Algorithm

Donít miss a beat with the trusted Mortara ECG algorithm processing with QRS detection sensitivity measuring above 99% in both MIT and AHA databases.

Continuous SpO₂ Monitoring

Mortara's SpO₂ technology provides accurate and reliable pulse oximetry readings. The Surveyor S4 displays continuous SpO₂ (%), plethysmogram, and pulse rate providing the convenience of checking your patient locally or from the Surveyor Central Station.

The WiFi Advantage

Surveyor S4 enables you to leverage past capital investments by using your facility's existing wireless network infrastructure. WiFi offers increased capacity and lower cost compared to proprietary telemetry antenna infrastructures.

User Interface Designed Around You

Surveyor S4 features a bright 4-inch LCD with easily selectable vibration response buttons that can be used with bare or gloved hands. Check individual ECG electrodes using the hook-up screen, view real-time ECG waveforms, and feel confident with smart features such as display timeout and nurse call.

Directly Admit Patients from Surveyor S4

Improve workflow efficiency by admitting patients directly from the Surveyor S4 to an available slot on Surveyor Central.

Battery Options

Surveyor S4 uses lithium ion or disposable AA alkaline batteries. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries reduce the per-use cost by lasting longer, optimizing S4 operation and generating less waste than comparable alkaline cells.