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GE Marquette Dash 2500 Patient Monitor

GE Marquette Dash 2500 Patient Monitor
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The Dash 2500 monitor from GE Healthcare is the latest vital signs monitor in the Dash Family.

The Dash 2500 is a reliable and affordable, bedside or mobile monitor that provides the clinical information you need to assess and treat your patients with speed and accuracy.

By combining Dash family performance and Gold Standard Dinamap Superstat NIBP technology, the Dash2500 fits all your needs in every hospital department. It allows you to deliver a new standard of clinical excellence to all patient groups in low-acuity settings such as ER, recovery/PACU, outpatient surgery, GI/endoscopy, progressive care, interventional radiology, general care and special care units.

The Dash 2500 includes sophisticated clinical parameters to capture patient vital signs and unparalleled cardiac monitoring to help accurately detect arrhythmias.

An extensive feature set enables you to create a portable monitoring solution capable of meeting a wide range of demands. All the features, you expect, are included as standard.

The Dash 2500 includes:

3 and 5 lead ECG -> EK-Pro arrhythmia analysis Respiration monitoring Non-invasive blood pressure -> DINAMAP SuperSTAT, The Gold Standard for NIBP accuracy Pulse Oxymetry -> Masimo SET or Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 Temperature: Alaris Turbo Temp

As part of the GE Monitor family, the Dash 2500 consistently produces the most accurate, and reliable NIBP determinations based on stepped deflation; with patented peak matching technology to filter out artifacts.

To ensure easy viewing of the data, the Dash 2500 has a large screen (10.4 in) with a friendly & intuitive user interface. The display is easily configurable to suit your viewing preferences and information requirements.

Its compact size, low weight only 5,5 Kilo's regardless the configuration and long battery life make it the perfect portable monitor and allow patient transport without data gaps or interruption.

The Dash2500 allows you to transport patients anywhere in the hospital and maintain an uninterrupted flow of data.