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GE Marquette Dash 5000 Patient Monitor

GE Marquette Dash 5000 Patient Monitor
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The GE / Marquette DASH 5000 delivers the advanced capabilities that only the industry's most extensive collection of proven algorithms can offer.

  • GE Marquette Dash 5000 Patient Monitor versatility:
  • ▣ Design for optimized monitoring in all care applications
  • ▣ Advanced algorithms for all monitored parameters
  • ▣ Fully flexible alarm settings allow personalized monitoring
  • ▣ ECG acquisition through cables or wireless
  • ▣ Bright alarm light at the bedside helps to immediately locate the patient in critical situations
  • ▣ Multiple mounting solutions and a wide range of accessories ensure easy and flexible workplace configuration
  • ▣ 3 waveform screen view to maximize the size of parameter values and waveforms
  • ▣ Convenient care area specific Remote iTouch Pad enables operation on both sides of the patient's bed and direct access to frequently used functions
  • ▣ Remote Screen through DashPort2 for optimal central overview
  • ▣ CO2 module and extention Rac for additional parameters
  • ▣ Wide array of interfacing options with iConnect solutions
  • ▣ Both mainstream and low-flow sidestream CO2 measurement options for applications from neonatal to adult patients
  • GE Marquette Dash 5000 Patient Monitor optimized for demanding transportation:
  • ▣ Light weight, durable, and ergonomic design
  • ▣ Developed for in and out-of-hospital use (Dash 3000)
  • ▣ Up to 2 Hot Swap batteries for unlimited battery powered monitoring
  • ▣ DashPort2 Docking Station for easy switching between bedside and transport monitoring
  • ▣ Continuous central monitoring during transport through a Wireless Network
  • ▣ Compatible with i4 Bed mount for in-hospital transport