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Burdick Surveyor S12/S19 Patient Monitoring System

Item #: S12-S19
Available New & Refurbished
  • Description
Mortara Burdick Surveyor S12/S19 Patient Monitoring System

Modern and Flexible Patient Monitoring System

Modern bedside monitoring platform offering a simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface, plus exceptional visibility.

Slim Design

Slender and streamlined monitor design provides convenience and ease in crowded patient rooms.

Portable Solution

Surveyor S12, with high-resolution 12" touchscreen display, extensive battery runtime, and integrated handle, is an ideal portable monitoring solution.

High Acuity Solution

Surveyor S19, with high-resolution 19" touchscreen display, offers a comprehensive solution for advanced monitoring needs.

Impressive Flexibility

Configurable display layouts, supporting up to 8 waveforms of data plus a 12-lead display format, enable users to customize their system.

Innovative ECG Acquisition Module

Utilizes Mortara's unique AM12 acquisition module with replaceable lead wires, and lead fail indicator for added convenience and efficiency.

Multiple Printing Options

Surveyor S12 includes an integral thermal recorder. Surveyor S19 offers an external, thermal printing solution for added flexibility.

Comprehensive Central Monitoring Capabilities

Communicate with the Surveyor Central using wired technology for a complete patient monitoring solution.

Streamlined Connectivity

Surveyor patient monitors have the capability of interfacing directly with EHR systems to annotate real-time vital signs and waveforms in patient records.

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