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Mortara Burdick CareCenter MD

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CareCenter MD

PC-based cardiac stress testing with connectivity and wireless testing capabilities

PC-based ECG / Stress Test & Diagnostic Workstation

CareCenter MD is a multimodality PC-based wireless diagnostic workstation with both PC ECG and PC stress test modalities, designed to make your workflow much easier.


  • ▣ Resting ECG Test 12-lead
  • ▣ Rhythm ECG Test 12-lead
  • ▣ STAT ECG
  • ▣ STAT Rhythm ECG
  • ▣ Stress Test - Treadmill
  • ▣ Stress Test - Bicycle
  • ▣ Stress Test - Pharmacological
  • ▣ Wireless data acquisition between patient and workstation
  • ▣ Advanced connectivity
  • ▣ Shared patient database for both PC ECG and PC stress test
  • ▣ Intuitive one-button navigation
  • ▣ Scalable design
  • ▣ Warranty: 1-year for acquisition modules

Multimodality, scalable workstation. One platform for both ECG and Stress test means no re-entry of patient data, plus scalability for new modalities as they become available.

Convenience. Wireless data acquisition means test safety, comfort, and confidence for your patients and staff.

Ease of use. Our modern, flexible user interface uses the same simple, one-button navigation for all modalities.

Advanced networking. CareCenter MD shared patient database provides access to complete test data across the network; CareCenter MD Online allows for remote live consultations.

Shared patient database. A single, shared patient database means results are available throughout your network, with or without an electronic health records system (EHR).

Flexibility. Modify and save screen views on the fly. Select the report format that works best for you.

EHR connectivity. Save, review, and combine permanent patient records in your EHR via HeartCentrix or HL7.

Confidence. Physicians trust the Burdick® and Quinton® product lines with more than 65,000 devices delivering proven performance in many clinical environments.

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