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GE Marquette MAC 1600 Digital EKG Machine

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The MAC 1600 Digital Resting ECG Machine functions can be easily configured to meet the needs of nearly every environment. With instant assessment of the ECG signal quality, the availability of GE’s Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program, and an easy connection to your ECG cardiology management system, the GE Marquette MAC 1600 Digital EKG Machine couldn’t be smarter.

Not only is the MAC 1600 Digital EKG Machine capable of seamlessly connecting to the MUSE and CardioSoft information systems, it also adapts to your specific needs and can be expanded as those needs grow. Full connectivity enables you to streamline your ECG work flow and improve efficiencies.

The MAC 1600 Digital EKG Machine Electrocardiograph connects with GE's MUSE or CardioSoft Information Systems that includes Resting ECG, Rhythm, Arrhythmia, Exercise Testing, with Instant Assessment of ECG Signal Quality, and optional GE Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program.

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