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GE Marquette MAC 3500 EKG Machine

Item #: MAC3500
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The GE Mac 3500 ECG is one of the finest in GE's line of resting electrocardiograph systems. The GE Mac 3500 offers users the best technology on a 12 lead ECG analysis system. GE Mac 3500 is among the most user-friendly electrocardiographs available, allowing users to focus less on operating the system and more on your patients.

In addition, the GE Mac 3500 is an affordable electrocardiograph!

Other features and benefits of the Mac 3500 include:

  • ▣ 12 lead recorder with analysis
  • ▣ Flexible and scalable
  • ▣ User interface common with MAC 5500
  • ▣ Integrated ECG acquisition module
  • ▣ Integrated pump for KISS system
  • ▣ One-year manufacturer warranty
  • ▣ Pacemaker detection
  • ▣ 12SL ECG analysis program
Marquette Hookup Advisor signal quality analysis program reviews and measures ECG waveforms for signs of artifact and interference helping to eliminate poor waveform quality during ECG recordings.

Gender Specific Interpretation making detecting acute myocardial infarction(MI) easier in women, even for occasional readers.

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