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Superior ECG Trace Quality

The Quinton Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Monitor combines Quinton algorithms, unique baseline wander and muscle artifact filters, and 8000 samples per second to provide the highest ECG fidelity in the industry. Leads can be displayed in 3, 6, or 12-lead views.

Network Connectivity

Addressing the needs of today's integrated cardiology suites, Q-Stress with networking shared final reports, accesses shared printers, and archives to server or networked storage. Reports can be e-mailed for review and consultation using a PDF format. Even billing and procedure codes are available for export.

Real-Time ST Monitoring

Q-Stress gives you the option of monitoring ST data for the entire procedure or dynamically updating the data for all leads. It identifies and displays ST anomalies, directing clinicians to significant ECG changes.

Report Formatting

You can view, print, save, and e-mail your final reports, including some or all in-test reports, to create an electronic detailed patient record. Comments, conclusions, and interpretation are quickly added from pre-formatted, customizable lists. Choose to print complete final reports, a single page summary, or selected segments.

Fast Reports

Use words or prepared phrases from the QuickLists utility to quickly annotate final reports. Procedure data and measurements are available immediately post exercise for review in Recovery. This unique capability improves workflow, patient control, and record management. You can also edit reports at any time after the test.

Ectopic Capture and Display

Capture all ecctopic activity, print samples, then selectively save or add the clinically significant portions to the final report.

Customizable Features

Control Panels Tailor Q-Stress to fit your needs. Modify the control panel to display procedure controls, timers, test parameters, and measurements relevant to your facility.

Protocols Standard protocols are preloaded for routine exercise testing. Easily add and customize protocols to meet specific testing needs such as Stress-Echo, Stress Adenosine and Persantine. Design and save protocols customized for each user in your facility.

In-Test Reports, Notifications and Prompts

Select specific parameters for automatic in-test report generations. In addition you can select and store target levels for specific parameters. Customize activity prompts in both staged and ramped protocols by parameters, phase or time. Real-Time display of patient's max predicted, target, current and maximum heart rate both numerically and graphically provide constant clinical status. Select specific parameters for automatic in-test report generation.

Easy to Operate

Q-Stress allows you to print 12-lead and write screens with the click of the mouse or keyboard. A heart-rate graph tracks patient performance. You can use QuickLists to enter comments quickly and efficiently. The large Start/Stop icons facilitate device control. Intuitive procedure and system controls move you logically through the examination. All user, system and treadmill controls can be accessed using the mouse, an optional dedicated keypad, or the keyboard.

In-Test Comments

During procedures, the Q-Stress system provides simple tools to add rest labels and comments. Icons for in-test annotation are always on the toolbar and the QuickLists annotation feature allows you to add your comments and get back to the exam in seconds. In-test entries are time-stamped and added to the final report.

Electronic Test Record

Save your in-test reports and comments electronically for a permanent procedure record. All saved proceure data, comments, reports, and waveforms can be stored electronically as part of the final reports. Keep final reports as an electronic patient record on the system hard-drive, diskettes, CDs or your network.

The final report can also be e-mailed to referring physicians for a comprehensive electronic patient record.

Printers - Chart recorder, laser Power Requirements - 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz Monitor - 15 in. Flat panel display, 15 in. CRT Controller - Remote entry keypad Exercise Devices Supported - Treadmills:TM 55/65, ST 55/65, Q-Series 90 Ergometer: Lode Rehcor Supine Ergometer: Medical Positioning,Inc. Stress Echo Bed Interface to Metabolic, SpO2 & Ultrasound systems - QRS & 3 analog ECG ports Channels - True 12-lead ECG Input Devices - Automatic blood pressure monitor, CD-ROM, 3.5" floppy Output - CD-RW, Network, Q-Exchange Hard Drive - 80GB Advanced Technical Service Interface-Modem connection via standard phone line. Network Interface - Microsoft client/server Export/Communications Protocol/Format - XML/TCP/IP/PDF Database - Microsoft SQL 2000 E-mail - Microsoft Outlook Express

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